Pravana Tan & Wellness is very pleased to offer the latest in wellness technology, WBV (Whole Body Vibration). This fascinating therapy is being used by weekend warriors, serious athletes, and even professional sports teams as a safe and effective way to train while minimizing stress to ligaments and joints with no recovery time. A 10 minute session on the Vibration Station is as effective in firming and toning as a 45 minute walk. WBV also provides therapeutic benefits as well by increasing seratonin levels while reducing stress related cortisone levels. Utilizing this equipment for just 10 minutes a session, 3 times a week, you too can enjoy these benefits:

  • Increases fat burning
  • Improves flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • Improves training quality and effectiveness
  • Reduces stress on joints
  • Strengthens muscles – particularly the back/spine
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthens bone tissues
  • Stress reduction
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Accelerates recovery after exercising or injuries

How It Works

The concept of WBV was developed for the Russian Cosmonauts in an effort to combat muscle atrophy, bone density loss, and blood clotting during extended periods of exposure to zero gravity. The benefits of their innovative research has led to WBV being utilized in a variety of applications for wellness treatment and strength training. The variable up/down, side-to-side, rocking motion of the Vibration Station causes the brain to tell the muscles of your body to actively contract to maintain equilibrium, thus creating a therapeutic and muscle toning workout. To further enhance your workout, resistance band attachments are included to help target up to 97% of your muscles.

$1.00/Min – 10 Min Session Recommended
$39.99 – 1 Month Unlimited